Christina "Chrissy" Rossi
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Born in Queens, New York December 31, 1979 at 9:48PM. What a beautiful New Years gift!

Sept. 1985
Started first grade at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, just a tiny petite thing, always the first on line because of her size!
Chrissy started gymnastics loving every moment of it and Oh how well she did!
We moved to Long Island, New York Nov. 1990  where  Chrissy attended elementary, middle school and High School made many friends and was loved by all who truly "knew" her.
Chrissy graduated HHH High School East and in Sept 1997 started Mount St. Mary College where she completed one year then returned to Long Island where she attended SCCC where she graduated with an associates degree in liberal arts. 
Chrissy was so proud to be Maid of Honor along with her sister Angela for Diana & Ryan's Wedding December 2, 2005.

Left this earth and entered heaven as a beautiful and very special angel on July 25, 2006 at 9:15pm surrounded by all her family and very special friends, to say goodbye and welcomed by many family and friends such as Papu, Grandpa, Mama and Papa to welcome her to her new home.

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